Who We Are.

We are transforming neighborhoods and creating communities in the place that we live work and play.

Backed by Common Ground, Milwaukee Rising is a non-profit organization working to make neighborhoods safe and vibrant — for lifetime residents, prospective homeowners and future generations.

Judy Johnson

Frank Finch

Treasurer at Milwaukee Rising LLC & Sherman Park Resident

"The foreclosure fight is important to me because it affects my neighborhood. I’ve been here for thirty years, and I kept seeing what was happening in the neighborhood."


Ted Michaels

Judy Maher

Project Manager at Milwaukee Rising LLC 

"I have a passion for the restoration of solid homes that have fallen into disrepair. I find myself aligned with the mission of Common Ground and Milwaukee Rising in their commitment to stabilizing the neighborhood to make it a better place to live."

Josephine Frank

Allie Gardner

Organizer at Common Ground  

"I work with Common Ground leaders in the Sherman Park community to better the neighborhood. Our leaders make up religious institutions, small businesses and schools, and we are improving the quality of life here through strengthening the housing market and local economic development."


Joe Stevenson

Tylor Sanborn

Construction Manager at Milwaukee Rising LLC 

"I've been doing construction for a long time, but it's still a thrill to able to look over my shoulder and say 'I built that.' It's gratifying to know that a family who deserves a beautiful home is going to get one re-created by Milwaukee Rising."